LGBT History Month was first celebrated in the USA in 1994.  In the UK it was initiated by the School’s Out organisation in February 2005.  Both were based on the creation of the highly successful Black History Month which first occurred in the UK in October 1987 (Black History Month USA takes place in February).

Although the month is coordinated centrally as an organisation, individuals and other groups are invited to create their own events for the month.  This is why we have created the Guildford branch.

We are very lucky to live in more tolerant times, although stains on Britain’s equality record still remain.  Schools are still not tackling homophobic abuse in the classroom and as a result, you are six-times more likely to commit suicide if you are a gay young person than if you are straight.

With all three of the main parties wooing the gay vote, we may be witnessing the relegation of homophobia from those who once held positions of influence of power now merely to the fanatical few.  LGBT History Month exists to celebrate the culture that emerged from the gay rights struggle – it is not exclusive to LGBT people, we are where we are today because of non-LGBT people who stood with us and fought for our rights.

If you’d like to find out more, come along to the events and take part!